Comprehensive & Competitive

Let's start by finding out what we're working with. Are we serving a farm-to-table lunch or should we plan on ordering some pizzas? It's always best to know how to approach a project. We will make sure you are competitive.

We are proud to know the team at BlinkBid personally and we use their software to create our estimates.

Treatment Design & Copywriting

Our design service helps you to create an attractive treatment that represents you and your brand.

Have your treatment reviewed by a copywriter. What sometimes makes perfect sense to you, doesn't always translate why not get a professional copywriter to take a look?

Once you're ready to submit, we'll review it with you and add our production treatment. We'll outline how everything will come together. Your agency/clients will be informed and reassured that things are being done right.

Production & Planning

Your bid is awarded and we kick things into gear.

Now things start getting interesting. A shoot is an exciting project and we thrive on making sure it goes to plan. Our experience is our guiding light as we start booking our crew and lining things up.

We use a range of project management tools to ensure we are on tracks and buttoned up.

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Casting & Booking

Actors, models, hands, feets, kids, animals...

Our production team knows the best agencies and can find the right talent for your production. We can work to most budgets.

Location Scouts

Our network of scouts know just the place!

Travel has always been a big part of the job and we've been lucky enough to see a lot of the world. Let us know what you need and we'll come up with some options.

Travel & Carnets

Need to get $500k worth of equipment through customs in Hong Kong? Sure, let's do it.

Traveling with gear can be tricky. It takes time and effort to make sure everything is itemized and accounted for. We can advise you on how to get your gear through airports without issues.

Taking your crew on the road can be a logistical challenge, and we'll take care of it. Planes, trains, buses, and an occasional camel. We'll get you there.


Capture, interview, editing, and sound.

We can provide a behind-the-scenes crew to help you promote your latest award-winning campaign.

Crucial Crew

We are proud to offer our own software to all of our productions.

Over the years we've learned where things can be improved. Crucial Crew is our attempt to make production a little bit more streamlined. Our network is the foundation of what we do.


We are pleased to work on productions of all sizes and budgets. Give us a call to discuss.